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If you look up character in the dictionary, you might find a picture of Dennis. He found a 39 Merc, purchased it and decided to have it fixed up so he could take it on a trip. Now, Brizio cars are known for their road worthiness, but this is the topper. Dennis is sending the car to Amsterdam. Dennis, and his wife Kathy, will fly in and start their trip by driving thru Holland and Germany. They will then boat the car to Oslow, Norway. Back on dry land, they will drive 1700 miles to Norkap. That is where the road ends. It is the closest point to the North Pole that you can drive. After a few pictures, the return trip will take them thru Finland, Sweden and Denmark. 

To prepare for this journey, Dennis brought the car to us. We did our standard chassis build with an independent front end, a 9 inch rear, power steering and power brakes. Everything under the car is new, painted and detailed. We also painted the firewall and the inner fender panels. When the car returns from its voyage, we will then finish it with new paint and interior. 

When Dennis first started talking about this trip, Kathy found an old straight jacket. She plans on taking it, just in case.

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