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Chuck is a super customer of ours. We built him a couple of 34 Fords a few years back. Both cars had the best of everything including four wheel independent suspensions. On this project, Chuck has raised the bar. This time itís a 1937 Cord. Not just any Cord, but one that will rival almost any new car off the show room floor. While the car may look stock when finished, looking closer you will find an LS1 Corvette motor and a Porsche Tip Tronic four speed trans axle automatic transmission. A one off custom independent front wheel drive front end and a í93 Cadillac independent rear should give this beauty a smooth ride. Note in the pictures how the motor is mounted in the chassis backwards. This is because of the trans axle location. The Cord has been a dream of Chucks for some time now, and we are working to make that dream come true.

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