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In September of 1967, Dan bought his first car while in high school, a ten year old ’57 Chevy. Like any high school boy with a cool car, there are a lot of stories, none which can be printed. In 1977, Dan put the car in storage after joining the San Francisco Fire Department. After retirement, Danny pulled the car out of storage after 34 years of sitting. Danny had the car delivered to us at Brizio Street Rods and the updating and restoration has begun. The plan is to bring the Chevy into the 21st Century while saving all the stock parts should he ever want to restore the car to original. For now, a 383 small block, Tremic 5 speed and a Ford 9 inch rear end will be installed. Disc brakes, power steering and air conditioning will make the 57 a joy to drive. Follow the progress and see what happens with the last decision to be made, the color.

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