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MR. OCTOBER is at it again. Reggie is known for collecting vintage muscle cars. This time Reggie wanted a car built representing one that would have been competing on the drag strip back in the early to mid 60ís. These were the days of the gasser wars. Names like Stones, Woods and Cook, K.S. Pittman, Big John Mazmanian, Ohio George Montgomery and so many more terrorized drag strips from coast to coast. 

Reggie's Willys starts off with 2X4 inch boxed frame rails. The chassis has been updated just a little with coil overs front and rear, rather than parallel leaf springs. The drive train consists of a 426 Hemi with a 6-71 blower, a four port Hilborn injector updated with a computerized fuel injection system (not available in the 60ís). A chevy Turbo 400 and a 9 inch Ford rear end puts the power to the road. The straight axle in front gives this car a stance that sends you back to Fremont Drag Strip days. Front and rear wheels are original magnesium Halibrands with the stopping power coming from 4 wheel disc brakes. The body is an original 1941 steel Willys body. The rear fenders are fiberglass as is the Outlaw Performance one piece front end. 

Reggie has been our longest customer, dating back to 1979. Our relationship has become a friendship rather than that of a business / customer. Keep checking back for more pictures as we get closer to finishing this project.

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