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Charles Nearburg - 1932 Ford Vicky

Charles is a hot rodder. Like most hot rodders, he likes to drive his cars. One of his cars is a streamliner that is the record holder for the fasted single engine, normally aspirated car in history. His “Spirit of Rett” eclipsed the 45 year old record at over 414 miles per hour. The Vicky, we at Brizio Street Rods are building for Charles, may not be able to compete with his streamliner, but it will be an award winner when it comes to a more relaxed form of driving. The fuel injected LS-6 engine tied to a 4L65-E Trans is managed by an Accel DFI system with a wiring harness by Dave at Auto Trend EFI. The chassis has torsion bar suspension front and rear. The suspension pieces have been nickel plated to give the car a clean look. The dark blue paint is a special order color from Mercedes Benz. Charles made one main request when the project was started; he wanted a touring hot rod with a lot of performance. We’ll get back to you on that one.

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