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After owning several 1932 Fords and wanting a Brizio built roadster, Tony finally pulled the trigger. Tony is no stranger to hot rods and race cars. He can be found on weekends running his 200 M.P.H. door car at Sacramento and Sonoma drag strips. Tony is the owner of Capital Glass Company in Hayward CA. and runs the day to day operations for the company. The 1932 build is in memory of his dad, Tony Sr, who was no stranger to Brizio’s. Tony acquired his love for cars from his father who passed away February of 2010. Tony is a family man with three kids. Alex, 21, Matthew, 18 and Briana, 17. He has been married to his wife Paula for 25 years. The whole family is excited about the build, often getting phone calls from the boys who are away at college. The Jurado’s are anxiously awaiting the completion of the project, wanting to get this bad boy on the road.

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