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Bill was a typical teenager growing up in the mid 60ís in the suburbs of Los Angeles, driving his 56 Bel Air and street racing a time or two. His dream at the time was to build a vintage street rod. Well, 50 years later his dream is about to come true. The choice was a no brainer for Bill, the stylish elegance of the 32 three window is what it had to be. Working on his own cars as a young man, Bill has an interest in whatís under the skin of any car. Things like chassis design, suspensions, exhaust systems, hydraulics, electrical etc. Follow along with Bill to see what will make this one tic. 

A SPECIAL NOTE: Bill would like to mention and thank David and Peg Farmer as part of this project. The kindness they extended, for the use of their project body that was on hold, has gotten my project rolling several months ahead of what would otherwise have been possible is a gesture I will never forget.

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