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Well, another year has come and gone. Itís hard to believe itís been 36 years since we opened the doors here at Roy Brizio Street Rods. This year is the 28th Annual Open House. Friends and visitors were treated to viewing some of the projects we are working on. Like Scott Gillenís 1932 Coupe, or Greg Weldís 33 Cabriolet. Others include Steve Luczoís 1932 Three Window and John Scullyís one of a kind 32 Lincoln Touring car. The one of a kind comes from the 2009 Aston Martin V-12 hiding under the hood. The real show however is in the front and rear parking lots where a couple of hundred hot rodders brought their cars. Mark your calendars for next year, the day before Mother's Day for the 29th Annual Open House.

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